Move your organization forward with custom designed experiences for individuals, teams and large groups.

1:1 Executive Coaching 


We provide 1:1 support for executives who desire personalized learning, support and development, with immediate leadership application. Executive Coaching supports a newly promoted executive, prepares an executive for a new job with increasing personnel responsibilities and provides a ‘thinking partnership’ for leadership. The primary focus is to increase leadership capacity during times of change and transition. The executive coaching program also allows for time to explore communication challenges up, across and down the organization, and to discover an executive’s purpose and vision.


Key Components of a 1:1 Executive Coaching program include:

  • Focus areas are determined through a dialogue with the executive using tools and assessments, including, but not limited to: Emotional Intelligence or EQi 2.0 and Personality Assessments (DiSC, MBTI, Insights Discovery).
  • Designed as a 6 month immersion, with multiple touch points/month using a combination of in person and virtual meetings (using zoom).
  • Live 360 of 8-10 direct reports, peers and managers who are interviewed by the coach about the executive’s performance and key focus areas.
  • Stakeholder involvement at the beginning, middle and end of the process
  • Direct application to the executive’s daily work and challenges is imperative

Reported Results:

  • Greater confidence as a result of increasing self-awareness
  • Clarity of purpose and inspired actions for moving forward
  • Enhanced relationships with boss, peers and direct reports
  • Renewed passion for leading and commitment to developing others
  • Increased alignment, collaboration and teamwork
  • Humility, including a balanced view of strengths, weaknesses and learning opportunities
  • Enhanced support from internal stakeholders including HR business partner (s) and Manager

Each executive coaching program is highly tuned to the client’s needs, goals and focus areas, allowing maximum improvements to be made in a relatively short time.

Instruments & Methodologies

  • CEO 360-degree assessments + Leadership 360s

  • Offsite Design using proven experiential methodology & tools (Liberating Structures, Whole System, Organization Health, etc.)
  • Whole Systems Transformation (Dannemiller & Associates)
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder
  • Insights Discovery for Individuals, Teams & Organizations
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0)
  • Open Space Technology
  • Systems Thinking
  • Thomas-Killman Conflict Method

Executive Retreats 

Executive Retreats are one of the most important meetings for the organization and the fastest way to increased results. It’s generally held away from the usual work location in a space that allows for collaborative dialogue. Typically, a two or three-day block of time allows the stated goals to be accomplished and the outcomes co-created by the client to be achieved.

Executives are prone to distraction and dis-alignment. This meeting provides the executive team the luxury of 2-3 days together, without interruption, to align around important goals, shift the way they work together for greater effectiveness, and get clear on organizational priorities and strategy. It allows executives to rediscover their passion for leading and to solve problems creatively and collaboratively.

Some of the expected outcomes from an Executive Retreat are:

  • Discovering new ways of working together for enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Positive shifts in team dynamics, including greater awareness of strengths and challenges faced by each executive.
  • Clarity of purpose and the path forward
  • Renewed vision, mission and purpose
  • Alignment around key priorities and goals
  • Passion for leading the organization


We also offer custom designed large system programs that move the organization forward with velocity.

Transform your perceptions, relationships, teams and organizations.

Merger & Acquisition Cultural Alignment

Culture in organizations is often affected by mergers, system changes and organization re-alignment. During a merger/acquisition culture often suffers and can derail the effective integration of the companies, divisions, organizations or departments being integrated. We have found that a whole systems approach is the best way to engage the organization to create the new organization and culture. A whole system approach results in sustainable shifts to leadership, culture and engagement that are long lasting and produce outstanding results.

We work with a team of internal leaders to engage the organization systematically to ensure a new culture is co-created. Whole System engagement begins with an Executive Retreat and enrollment of key stakeholders in the overall process.

Some of the results reported are:

  • Enhanced collaboration and teamwork to solve organization challenges
  • Increased leadership capacity at all levels of the organization
  • Measurable financial results in key selected areas
  • Empowered and engaged employees
  • Renewed commitment and accountability to achieve the organization vision and mission
  • High levels of positive energy are released at all levels.

What people are saying about our work:

“The output of the last program was an organization-wide action plan called ‘Six Bold Steps.’ This served as the beginning of the sustainability plan for measurement of business metrics and behaviors and the strategy for continuous assessment, planning and engagement across the Customer and Services Enterprise Group.”

--Vice President, Allstate Financial

“Gina's skills and experience in Leadership Development has helped my organization cultivate our company philosophy on leadership.  Our partnership has resulted in the creation of dynamic leadership programs for new and experienced leaders.”

– Senior Associate Development Specialist, Robert Bosch Power Tools

“The immediate impact of the transformation process was astonishing and visible, through conversations, emails and meetings – employees at all levels were on fire!

The actions and long-term impact began to take hold as many changes were made at the group, division, and whole system level.

For example, business processes that had been broken for years were changed, the performance management process was updated, consistent performance standards were created for every employee and a 360 view inclusion assessment was birthed, designed and implemented by inspired employees.”

-Director of Organization Effectiveness, Allstate

“Working with Gina is the best thing I have done for my leadership development in 15 years.”

-VP, Sales, Robert Bosch LLC

“I would trust Gina to work with anyone at any level in my organization. She has the ability to get quickly related and has an innate sense of what is needed to move business forward.”

– VP of Learning and Development

“Gina is the true definition of thinking outside of the box”

- Wellness Entrepreneur and former Sales Executive