Be a visionary global leader while leading profitable initiatives.

Build leadership and organizational capacity as you catalyze breakthroughs in performance, communication and leadership at the individual, team and organization level.

There is room for unique expressions of leadership.

The secret to your continued success is in being yourself, leveraging your strengths, minimizing the impact of weaknesses and finding a way to be as authentic as possible in your communication, self-expression and leadership style.

The most important first step is to cultivate enhanced self- awareness, which will transform their perceptions, relationships, teams and organizations. Self- awareness:

  • Creates confidence in leadership capacity and abilities, which in turn creates an ease in relating to other leaders, stakeholders and associates
  • Creates an open environment where others are encouraged to express themselves authentically, which creates a positive, open culture
  • Dispels the mystery of their leadership and allows them to influence others to move the organization forward with velocity.

What is needed the most in organizations is welcoming and accepting all styles of leadership.

Business Coach

“Gina is personable with a high degree of integrity. She is an expert facilitator and consummate OD professional. She is 100% dedicated to continuous improvement.”

- Manager, Manufacturer of Tools and Equipment


About Gina Lavery

Gina brings a real-world perspective from over two decades of leadership, facilitation, organization transformation and executive coaching experience. Her coaching and consulting approach is a synthesis of proven personal and leadership development techniques, a whole systems lens and immediate business application. Gina has a tenacious focus on producing business results and believes leadership growth is directly tied to results and outcomes. When clients work with Gina they experience alignment, clarity, and confidence to achieve and exceed goals with velocity.

During 20 years leading teams in a Fortune 100 organization, Gina noticed that breakthroughs in her leadership awareness led her team to exceed business results and win awards. Curious to learn more, she chose to step out of line leadership to focus solely on growth and transformation as a vehicle to produce extraordinary business results. This led to a Master’s Degree in Organization Development, a seat on the President’s Division Transformation Team, and a client needing to align and transform a 5,000 employee organization.


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Gina and Henri

Clients appreciate Gina’s extensive business experience and candid, down to earth, results oriented style. Gina uses tools such as DiSC, Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0), Insights Discovery, MBTI, Predictive Talent Analytics, Strengths Finder and the Worldblu Scorecard. Some of her clients include; Abbott Molecular, Allstate Financial, Arthur J. Gallagher, Blood Centers of America, Genentech, GrowthPlay, Finastra, Nestle USA, Open Table, Richco, Robert Bosch LLC, Toyota Financial and Vista Equity Partners.

Prior to being a consultant, Gina led a team with $55 million in sales for a Fortune 100 health care organization, and held leadership positions in worldwide product marketing, advertising, sales, international auditing and accounting. Gina received a Master’s degree in Organization Development from the George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. She received her Bachelor in Science in Accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Gina lives in Redondo Beach, CA and commutes regularly to the Midwest/East Coast for work and family activities.

Gina Lavery

Leading Executives and CEOs to Create a Profitable Enterprise Where People Can Thrive.

What it is like to Work with Gina Lavery

If you are a CEO Entrepreneur, Executive Leader, or HR Business Partner looking for a coach or consultant, this is my approach:

  1. We schedule a time to talk.
  2. We explore your goals, needs, challenges and timeframes. We determine if we are a fit.
  3. We uncover what’s possible and create desired outcomes for the process.
  4. We discuss timing and a structured process to ensure we hit your objectives.
  5. I create a proposal that details; your current scenario, purpose for the work, desired outcomes, a structured, measurable process and your financial investment for the work performed.
  6. We modify the proposal as needed and I create an agreement for our work together.
  7. We set a start and end time for the process and begin.
  8. We have set, periodic check ins to make sure we are on track and are meeting your objectives.

What people are saying about our work:

“Gina is personable with a high degree of integrity. She is an expert facilitator and consummate OD professional. She is 100% dedicated to continuous improvement.”

- Manager, Manufacturer of Tools and Equipment

“I went into the mentoring trying to change who I was, to be like someone else, and Gina helped me put the brakes on that – that I don’t need to be a different person to be effective.

I learned to value and see my particular leadership style and strength and that business needs people like me. This was refreshing – I can flex and adapt but don’t need to become a completely different person – and instead embrace who I am and leverage my unique skills. Gina and I spoke each other’s language, especially around strengths, insights, colors and behavioral styles.

One of my natural skills I have is the ability to ask questions that allow us to slow down, engage more deeply in the conversation and gain clarity.

I gained confidence and courage to be more engaged in meetings with executives who like to go fast, by creating a list of questions in advance. The impact on this has been….

- Senior Manager, Genentech, Inc.

“Each location was acting as “kingdoms and queendoms with no cooperation between them. Managing change was managing it away and not “rocking the boat.” The desired goal was to become a more innovative, cost-effective, value-added service provider as perceived by customers. After the leadership alignment session, the openness and vulnerability of the team made a significant ripple effect across the organization. They spoke openly and publicly of the team’s fears and perceptions and owned a part in creating the barriers of the past. They listened to the organization; critical feedback was acknowledged and perhaps for the first time in years, employees at all levels felt heard; employees had shared trust and renewed commitment in the leadership and the company.”

--Senior VP, Allstate Financial

“People are saying that this is the best training they have ever attended. We created a brand new communication process, formed a leadership group, experienced people who were not listening prior to our experience together totally open up. Everyone had the experience of being heard, a big shift for us. We were able to create fast solutions to some of our most pressing challenges. This experience completed exceeded my expectations. You guys did a great job!”

--Director, Abbott Molecular