About Gina

Gina’s consulting approach begins with the belief that employees want to succeed and do their best work. She believes that solutions, ideas and answers are in the organization and that her role is to help those ideas emerge and get implemented. The impact of her work is that a tremendous amount of positive energy is released which rejuvenates the work environment. This has a favorable impact on business results and people feel inspired to contribute their best ideas, time and energy.

With an extensive business background along with advanced training in group process and facilitation, Gina is able to detect issues that may be in the way of producing extraordinary business results, such as what might be in the way of people contributing their best ideas or having effective relationships. Through various participative methods, Gina impacts strategy alignment, employee engagement and business relationships. Her clients specifically report tangible bottom line results through breakthroughs in communication, creativity, innovation, productivity and participation.

Gina brings over 20 years experience in business and management, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur, making her an extremely versatile consultant. Clients specifically note her ‘real-world’ perspective due to extensive business experience leading teams, global experience (having lived and studied in over 30 countries), and extensive training in organization development, personal self mastery and technical business skills.

Clients include; ABN AMRO, Inc., Allstate Corporation, Blood Centers of America, Metadynamics, Inc., Richco, The Robert Bosch Corporation and Vista Equity Partners. Gina has also received her CPA, and is a published author. Published works include Awakening the Workplace and her master’s thesis which explored engagement and emotional intelligence. She is currently at work on several other creative endeavors in Chicago.


• Leadership Development
• Large Scale (system wide) Change and Change Management
• Organization Development
• Strategy and Leadership Alignment (at all levels)
• Experiential Process Design, Delivery and Facilitation
• Whole System Transformation
• Personal Self Mastery
• Leadership Development (including global and virtual)
• Experience in other business disciplines (specifically marketing, sales and accounting)

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